Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

Okay, so everyone kept telling me how good this book was, and I'm a sucker for Juvenile fiction. I put my name on the hold list at the library, which even with over a hundred copies available still has over 150 holds. I watched as my name slowly edged closer and closer to the, "1 of 156 Holds" mark and was, "In Transit." I COULD HARDLY STAND MYSELF! The anticipation of reading this book had totally sucked me in! Was I disappointed?? Heck NO!! I read it in three days despite the growing laundry pile and random clutter that grew around the house. I stayed up too late, but it was worth it, to remember what new love felt like.
So THANK YOU everyone who told me it wasn't a gory, scary book [which I would never have agreed to read]. And, thank you Stephanie Meyer for writing.

Now I am anxiously awaiting the sequel. Which should be "In Transit" by tomorrow, I hope.

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