Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas

The presents were opened, the tree put away,
And what do I remember of Christmas day...
It was really quite lovely this year I admit
I didn't expect much but was surprised quite a bit
Some books that I treasured were under my tree
I didn't expect they'd be waiting for me
I opened the wrapping and with tears in my eye
The love of my dear ones I could not deny.

A secret, however, in my stocking did lay
Something else precious for me on that day
A small little note, in my son's own hand
A reminder he's growing from boy to man
A dear little poem he wrote just for me
Of Christmas, of Jesus, of cheer for me
My cheeks they were glistening, my heart did fly
The love of my dear ones I could not deny.

Lora Robertson


heather said...

I love that!

And thanks so much for the nice words you left for me to find in my inbox this morning. It was a great lift for me. :)

T * R * B said...

I am so happy for you! There was something extra special about Christmas this year.