Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recent Reads

So in the last month I've read a few books. I feel a compulsive need to have something to read at all times. I don't have to compulsively read, I just need to know there's a book waiting for me. While reading "Twilight" I found that I could run on my elliptical and read at the same time. This has been a nice alternative to all the movies I've been checking out over the last few months. "Twilight" was such a wonderful book for me. I really can't give it enough praise! I just loved it. I know I already wrote my review on it, so I'm not going to rant to much here.

I did finish all the Twilight Saga books by Stephanie Meyer. I do think that books 3 and 4 are more suited to the young adult and up crowd, but I really did enjoy all the books: "New Moon", "Eclipse", and "Breaking Dawn". I love that every book has a happy ending, and I learned a lot about myself in reading these books. Twilight is a special favorite for me, and I'm sooooo glad my family got them for me for Christmas.

I checked out "Fablehaven" by Brandon Mull from the library. Ash and I both liked this book. I would like to read the second book in the series sometime soon. I will admit that one of the characters in this book annoyed the heck out of me! About half way through the book, I wasn't sure if I could stand to read anymore of it, but I did...and it got better enough that I'd give it four stars. I don't think Ash was bothered by the character as much as I was, and maybe most people wouldn't be so annoyed by someone who has a compulsive disregard for rules even after they break them over and over and bad things happen. The story did have some similarities to the Spiderwick Chronicles, but a unique story all on it's own.

I also recently read "Wildwood Dancing" by Juilet Marillier. This book is about five sisters who go dancing every full moon in the "Other Kingdom" where fantastical beings live. It's about love, growing up and letting go. I would read this again. It's a favorite for me. The oldest two sister's in the book remind me of my older sister and I in many ways.

Another book I read last week was "Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale. It's a favorite for me, too. I'd read it again as well. It's about a small rural mountain village which is chosen as the place from which the prince will choose his bride. All eligible girls go to attend the Princess Academy. This story had some twists to it. I liked it.

A couple books I just couldn't get through, not because they were bad stories, but they were just slow or not engaging enough for me...

The Legend of the Wandering King by Laura Galliego Garcia
A Bushel Full of Light by Troon Harrison

I might try the Wandering King again someday when I feel in a slow mood. I quit about half way through. I could see the moral developing, but felt like reading it in fast forward. I'm not feeling in a patient reading mood lately. I need some intensity. A Bushel Full of Light I did fast forward skim to the end.

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