Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful...
- for blogging. It allows me to share a part of myself, that I mostly keep to myself.
- that the ice on the roads thawed enough for me to go get some groceries.
- that Hickory loves basketball. He has a wonderful coach, who laughs with them and encourages them to play their best and have fun. Hickory has needed a positive outlet for his abundance of energy and basketball has been an answer to prayer. He told me last week that what he really needed was to have, "less school and more basketball practice."
- that Christmas is almost here.
- for my sister who made a few extra super yummy cookies for me yesterday...which I gorged myself on while I was driving home.
- for the smell of cold outside. It's been really cold this week. I like to stick my head outside for a minute every once in a while and just breathe in the cold.
- for poetry. I have always loved words. I love poetry. I love happy thoughts. I even really like some less happy poetry or thoughts that are revealing of a deep feeling or mood, but nothing scary or dark. I hate scary things.

Here's a little anonymous poem I found long ago...

How many smiles from day to day
I've missed along my narrow way!
How many kindly words I've lost
What joy has my indifference cost!
This glorious friend that now I know
Would have been friendly years ago.


Persimmon said...

So did you save me a cookie? :)

Rachel said...

I love the Thankful Thursday idea!