Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where have all my left shoes gone??

We have ceramic tile floors through out most of our house. I buy cheap, generic, croc-style flip flops to wear around the house and keep my feet happy through out the day. I now have three pair. I usually buy the same colors, either black or brown, so if one shoe wears out I can salvage a shoe still match. My problem, however, has become that somehow the left shoe of all my pairs gets lost in the house. If I lost one right of a pair and a left of another- no biggie, but I mysteriously manage to loose all of my left shoes. Sometimes it's not just my house flippers either. When I'm getting ready for church or going out I often loose one of my tennis shoes or dress shoes, and which one is it??? Always the left one! It's wierdo I tell you!

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