Monday, January 26, 2009

A Memorable Date Disaster

Heather over at A Goddess in Progress, posted a blog about her Most Memorable High School Date Disaster and invited everyone to share theirs. While I have some memorable disasters from high school, my most disastrous actually happen while I was a Freshman at the University of Oklahoma.

Some friends and I got together to hang out, I think there were six or seven of us. I can't remember now what our original activity was, but after it was over, we felt like doing something else, but didn't know what, then an idea sparked in my brain....

It was midnight-ish, and we should have gone home, but to due to my brilliance we decided to do something else instead.

A few weeks previous to the night in question, I was wandering campus in the late evening with a good friend of mine and her friend from high school who had come to visit. My good friend said she new of this really cool place on campus that we could climb up and catch a great view of the city lights. We trudged over to one of the beautiful old buildings on campus and she showed us how, if we climbed up onto the low branch of a certain tree we could then reach across to the fire escape ladder and climb up onto the roof of the building. Right then a red flag went off in my head, but my good friend assured me that she had been up there before and it was perfectly safe and okay. Ah, the ignorance of youth!!! With all caution thrown to the wind, we took turns climbing the tree and then the fire escape ladder. There was a railing of sorts around the perimeter of the roof, so no real chance of falling over the edge. It was really beautiful, the night was calm, we chatted like girls do, and then we climbed back down and headed back to the dorms. ALL TOO EASY!!! ( As Darth Vader would say!)

Getting back to the night in question, I suggested this idea to the others in my group, and they thought it sounded like a cool idea, so off we ventured. When we got to the building and I showed them the tree and the fire escape ladder, my roommate, who obviously had more sense that the rest of us, was like, “No way I'm climbing up there.” She decided to stay by the tree while the rest of us - without brains - proceeded to scale up the side of the building. After we had been up there wandering around, admiring the view for about 10 minutes, someone looked over the edge down to the ground and noticed something. Wanna guess what that something was??? It was actually several somethings, or someones... They were called, THE POLICE and they were surrounding the building. Did you know that it's actually illegal to climb on top of a building that you don't own? Just then I felt kind of panicky. Actually, a LOT panicky. We weren't sure what to do, so we just sat down of the roof and waited for the authorities to come and take us away. The police opened a door on the roof and asked us to please follow them. The police can be so polite sometimes... Thankfully, my roommate, who had stayed below informed the police that we were not drunk, just stupid, and they wouldn't need their GUNS to get us down. They didn't arrest us, to every one's relief, ESPECIALLY MINE, as I was the instigator. Apparently, some other naughty students had been sneaking onto the roof while drunk or with the intent to become drunk after they got up there. After the police felt confident that we were not drunk, and had checked all our ID's they told us to go home, and we did.

In my defense, if anyone had said, “Did you know it's illegal to climb onto buildings?” Or perhaps, “I think this is against the law.” I would never have gone up there myself or suggested to anyone else that they climb onto the roof. I felt terrible about it, but thankfully everyone took it in good humor. Thank you people!!!

About a week later, as I was walking by the building of my adventures, I noticed that someone had cut the branch in question, out of the tree.

I remember a youth leader once saying, "Nothing good happens after midnight." I am inclined to agree. I didn't really have much of a curfew growing up, but my kiddies will. :) Hopefully, they will learn from my misadventures.


heather said...

That IS a good story! Who knew it was illegal? I've been on top of buildings -that's the best possible place for a good view! :)

T * R * B said...

HEHEHE The wild side! Were has she been hiding ;)

Bre said...

I love it!! I didn't realize it was illegal either! Guess walking around on top of BA High School at night was a bad idea too huh? Its really a cool place to be though!! At least the cops were nice to you :)