Friday, January 23, 2009

Ode to Love

Where would poetry be without love?? The HUGE majority of poetry out there is dedicated to this lovely topic, and why not. Love is essential. It is much more that just human need and desire. Love creates, inspires, drives, emboldens (my favorite word this week), lifts, sustains, succors, relieves, warms and gives purpose and joy to life.
Here's a little love poem for feel it Friday...

Do not fear to put thy feet
Naked in the river sweet;
Think not leech, or newt or toad
Will bite thy foot, when thou hast troad;
Nor let the water rising high,
As thou wad'st in, make thee cry
And sob, but ever live with me,
And not a wave shall trouble thee.

John Fletcher

1 comment:

Momza said...

Beautiful imagery. Love love love it!