Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a Spring Thing

I saw a quote recently by an unknown author that said something like, "I loose many troubles while digging in the dirt." While I am not what you might call an avid gardener, or even really a gardener, I do love gardens. I mean I love, love, love, love, LOVE gardens. And I do love digging in the dirt and find that I too loose many troubles there, or at least their presence seems less imposing. The last couple years I have only been working on my flower beds, but last year I had a good blackberry harvest. I'm planting some blueberry bushes this year, and I'm going to get some veggies planted this year as well, if I can be so coordinated. Ha, ha, we shall see . . . .

I also discovered today that I actually won something! I won one of the Green Fat Quarter packs off the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. Yippee for me! I'm lovin' all the wonderful sewing project ideas on that blog. I can't wait to see the pieces. I love green, and red, and pink, and purple, and blue, and white, and yellow, and brown, and . . . okay, I really love all the colors, but green is a living color and I've been sprouting a new small quilt idea in my head lately. . . hummm.

I wrote a new poem last week. It's an ode to Spring. I think I'll call it . . . "Ah, Spring."

Ah, Spring
I feel thee in the breeze,
On stems and branches in my trees.
I see the buds begin to burst,
With tiny leaves for sun they thirst.
I feel the warmth within the air,
Upon my cheeks and in my hair.
I hear the birds sing praises sweet
Of seeds and berries soon they'll eat.
I smell the mingling rain and earth
And, lo, it fills my heart with mirth;
To run with feet bare through the stream,
And feel green wake from frosty dreams.
'Tis winter's end you mark the start,
Ah, Spring, a gift to all thou art!

Lora L Robertson

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Momza said...

oh that is lovely! Quite the talent you have there!