Monday, March 23, 2009


I am freakishly frugal, this I know, but someone the other day said don't call yourself cheap, say, "I'm resourceful." I liked that. I am resourceful! My Great grandmother was extremely resourceful as well. I used to love to visit her when I was young. She was born in 1906, I think, and grew up during the depression eras. She lived a long life, and I'm glad I was able to know her. When I was young I had a small velvet pillow that was my nightly companion. My mother made it for me, and I loved it to death . . . literally. I then got a pillow my Great Grandmother had made that was black and velvet and I loved it too. It was heavy for it's size and I often wondered what made it so. It got a small hole once in the seam which I patched, but recently due to much of my children's loving the seam along one side completely came undone. My resourceful Great grandmother had stuffed the pillow with old stockings, hose and pieces of slips. Check out that turquoise! I had to laugh at the discovery. Apple and Redwood had a great time dumping the hose out all over the bed. It's in my mending pile at the moment.

I also know from my mother that she used to make her own pin cushions and stuffed them with hair. Don't get grossed out, it makes great pin cushions, keeps the needles sharp and you always have some DNA handy.


Momza said...

How cool is that?!! My granma was much the same. Plus she was of British-descent...and the mother of 10. I saw her buy something new only once. An easter dress for me when I was 11 years old.
thanks for the unique post!

Jared and Elizabeth said...

that is so awesome...we all need to be more like that.