Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday: A Funny Moment

Better late than never...
Cocoa's Wordfull Wednesday this week is on a Funny Moment or Humor.
It was one of those days. . . You know, the kind where you wake up in the morning and wish it was already bedtime. The kind of day when you can't find your keys when it's time to go, even though you make an extra effort to always leave them in the same place. The kind of day when you spend half an hour making a grocery list only to accidentally leave it behind along with all the coupons you dedicatedly cut out the day before. The kind of day when you have everyone bundled up and ready to go only to catch a whiff of the tell tale poopy diaper. The kind of day when you catch every stop light and end up late even though you left early. The kind of day when you're not quite two year old is grabbing everything you pass at the grocery store. . .
It was that kind of day.
I was have one of those days at the grocery store. It was several years ago when Redwood was not quite two. I was tired and so ready to just give up and go home, but I was almost done. We made it to the front of the store with our cart load of groceries with only the produce left to go. I went over to the bakery counter to get some items (actually they were donuts). Hickory and Ash were standing by the cart and I set my wiggly little Redwood down to stand next to me a moment. As I pulled a sack off the roll to put my donuts into, I noticed Redwood make a dash for the wrapping papers and begin pulling them out at top speed! I immediately went over to stop him and started picking up papers while he dashed over to those lovely sacks on the roll and began to pull and pull to his hearts delight! I went to grab the roll to stop him and he immediately ran back to the papers. I had enough. I swooped him up, cleaned up our mess and walked over to Ash and Hickory. Ash was laughing and laughing and said, "Mom, that was like watching a funny movie." His perspective helped to change mine. I had not been to "smiley" that morning, but I couldn't help but think of how often my life is really like a "funny movie". Sometimes I am perpetually living in a funny movie, and I just have to keep reminding myself to laugh instead of cry. I was grateful for Ash's insight into the situation.
My children give me something to laugh and smile about every single day. I am grateful for the gift they are in my life.


Momza said...

Oh how well you described that season in life where we are surrounded by serendipitous toddlers!
If I wasn't laughing so hard, I coulda cried too!
Great post!

Lindsay said...

I put back 5 boxes of cereal today at the checkout because I didn't have my regular diaper bag with all my coupons in it and I wasn't about to pay $5 bucks more because I forgot my I'll be back in Reasor's soo to save my dollars. Now, is that resourceful or just plain cheap? Whatever it is, it's me!

Aimee said...

What a great perspective to keep in mind! I'll have to try harder to remember that. And thanks for a good laugh!