Thursday, June 11, 2009

Choosing to Believe

I'm reading a book called The Naming by Alison Croggon at the moment. I really like it. It's not super fast paced or a quick read really (it's almost 500 pages), but it's more of an epic kind of story like Lord of the Rings or Eragon. I picked it up at the library last week. It's a four book series, and all the books have been published already, so no wondering and waiting for the last book. :)

Bre's blog reminded me of a passage I read in The Naming recently.

When Maerad, the main character, is wondering if any of her choices are really hers, or if she is just a pawn fated into her destiny. She poses this question: "What difference, being a pawn for the Light or a pawn for the Dark?" Her mentor Cadvan answers, "There is a great difference . . . One difference is that for the Dark, certainly, you are a pawn. For the Light, you are a free human being, free to make mistakes, to do wrong, even. You are free to choose, whether or not you believe it." He then says, "It is the difference between commitment and slavery . . . Between working for what you hope for and believe in the depths of your heart, and what someone else forces you to do."

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Bre said...

That is a very good passage. Sounds like the book is very good.