Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From an old Jewelry Box

Last week I stopped in for a minute at a little antique shop on Main Street that I like. I've only been there twice now, but the moment I step in I feel like I'm visiting my Great-Grandmother's house, and it always makes me smile. My Great Grandmother lived until I was in my late teens, and all the memories I have of visiting her house are fond ones. I loved the food she made: brownies, tuna sandwiches, dressing at Thanksgiving time and meatloaf. I loved to sit on her front porch swing. I loved playing in her yard with my brothers and sister. I loved walking through her iris garden. I loved playing with her fragile tea set. I loved dust mopping her hard wood floors, and trying on her bonnets and aprons. I loved sleeping over in the guest room, or on the sofa bed with my siblings. I loved that she always keep cans of Hawaiian Fruit punch in her pantry for when we visited. I loved admiring all the different buttons she had collected over the years. I loved the stories she would tell us. She was meticulous, industrious, and resourceful. I loved that she would let my sister and I play with her jewelry box. She had such pretty necklaces, rings, and clip on ear rings. I loved looking at each piece and trying them on.

Anyway, I found some bowls that I needed at the antique shop last week and I noticed some jewelry spread out in a tray in one of the other booths. I was immediately reminded of those timeless days spent playing dress up with my sister. I splurged and picked one of the pairs of earrings that I liked. They are even marked 1950 on the back. They looked just like something she might have had in her jewelry box. They were only $2. Who knows how much they cost back in the fifties, maybe 10 cents. They are a tangible memory.
My only trouble is that I can't quite decide which direction they are supposed to go when you put them on.


Bre said...

That was a very nice post. Its nice to hear about your family and childhood memories. In my opinion i think the earings should shape the curve of your face.

modernmyrtle said...

I didn't know you liked to go antiquing. That is my favorite thing. We'll have to go sometime. :) I think that's why I love going to antique stores as well. I always see something that my grandma had that reminds me of my childhood. Priceless. Oh, and I love the 50's earrings!

Sally said...

You must have gone to Southern Hospitality. I love that store and the lady who ownes it is so super sweet. Fun earrings.