Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A friend

This morning I was standing on my porch watching for the school bus that would come to take one of my treasures to school. I was lost in my thoughts in the cool morning when I heard a retching sound. I look up and across the street where I saw my neighbor standing next to her drive way, heaving. Sitting on the trunk of her car was a large bowl and towel. I wondered if I shouldn't walk over to see if I could do anything. Contagious thoughts accosted me. I then noticed that our neighbor next door to her, with whom I knew she was a close friend, started her car and began to pull out. I knew she would pass by my sick neighbor on her way down our street. Just as I expected, she paused at the end of my sick neighbors driveway. My sick neighbor was then leaning on the back of her car with her head down. She slowly stood, picked up her bowl and towel, and walked over to my other neighbors car. I realized then that my well neighbor was likely giving my sick neighbor a ride to the doctor. In that moment, my eyes stung with hot tears. I felt touched by their friendship and caring for one another. Oh, how precious is a good friend. A friend willing to help, willing to care, willing to drive us to the doctors' office when we're not well.

I'm grateful for every friend I've ever had.


T * R * B said...

Aww That is so nice. I hope she is doing better.

Anonymous said...
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