Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling Fall

The weather today refreshes my soul. Yesterday was beautiful too. I decided to take the week "off". My Persimmon is out of town this week, and I have a cold; the stuffy, coughy, sleepy kind.
Yesterday morning when I went out to drive Ash to school I thought, "Wow, it's beautiful outside." It made me want to write poetry. It's the first day this fall that has provoked that deep feeling within in my soul that makes me feel like singing songs of happiness. It was late this year. Usually I get the feeling in September sometime, and it's mid-October but I'm grateful it came. I smiled at the sky and the sun shining. I smiled at the wind and the trees waving their branches. I smiled at the leaves changing colors. I smiled at the day and thought, that even if some misfortune came my way, it wouldn't seem so bad on a day like today. I love the fall. I love spring too. I think because of feelings of newness, of freshening, of change, of possiblility, and hope that comes with the constancy of the changing seasons. No matter how simmering the summer or chilling the winter, a respite will come again on days like today, when the sun feels warm and the winds swirl around me, making me wish I could fly.
My favorite fall color is red. I also love the yellow, when it's especially bright. Actually, I really like the deep bright oranges too.

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Rachel said...

Autumn really can be inspiring! I really love a sunny fall day...we also took advantage of the good weather this week and went to the nature park for a field trip from homeschool! It was fun!