Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blooming Berries & Stuff

My blackberries are in full bloom.  In a few weeks they'll be covered with berries.  I can't wait!  Blackberry bushes are the meanest plants that I know of.  They are entirely coated in thorns...the stems, leaves, everything.  It's like the plants know how good their berries are and set up this massive defence system.  I understand the bush is just taking care of it's own.  
My first crop of blackberries was smallish and I wasn't sure what to do with them, but last year I found my favorite cobbler recipe, and I was able to make Blackberry cobbler throughout the winter with my frozen berries.   I'm expecting to get a good haul this year.  I should have plenty to freeze and share.  Yippee!!

Last year I planted three blueberry bushes.  They are making berries too, but they are pretty small and won't probably give me more that one recipe of muffins worth this year.  I'm hoping they will get really well established this year so maybe, next year, I'll have a bunch of berries.
At Lowe's this weekend I picked up four more plants.  I got two raspberry bushes and two seedless grape vines.  They were on clearance for $1 each.  They look like dead sticks right now, but I really hope they will grow.  Sometimes I have planted things that looked like they would never survive and then, to my great pleasure, they did.  Whenever I plant seeds, I wonder over the potential life that sleeps within them.  Some plants seem so healthy and beautiful and then croak a month later.  I think there are many lessons we can learn from growing things.   At times we as people, might seem like those dead stick bushes I bought.  We still have some life left deep inside and we just need nourishing and time to grow.  
I don't have a particular garden spot in my yard.  I just plant things where I think they will be happiest and grow.  If I find that a plant isn't happy where I planted it, I dig it up and move it somewhere else.   I do what I think will work, it doesn't always, but I keep trying.  When I first started growing things I lost more plants than I managed to keep alive.  Sometimes it was because I tried to force things to grow in places they didn't want to, but other times it just wasn't meant to be.   I have learned that not every plant is for me and my gardening.  I choose plants that are pretty hardy, don't need to be watered too often, and will come back year after year with very little encouragement.  :)
I love spring.  It brings me flowers every year.


Bre said...

I love looking at all your flowers when I come to your house.

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