Sunday, April 11, 2010


Two days ago I unleashed my silly self while pumping gas. Someones radio was blaring and I just danced right there in the parking lot. My dark side said, "You're being ridiculous," but my light side laughed and said, "I don't care!" When I got back in my car the lady in front of me smiled. I didn't notice anyone watching me, but I think she may have glimpsed my groove. :)
Last night my little girly was playing near me and suddenly announced, "Ach, I gotta go pee!" She jumped up and then started to shake her hips and wave her arms and said, "I'm gonna dance to the potty." And she did. I laughed at that girl I love, who is my hearts dear friend. Sometimes I am lonely for people and friends, but I am glad for my children who are my friends, and that I can be a friend to myself. My best friend that is myself, tells me to laugh more, love more, and live more.


Sally said...

I would seriously love to see you dancing at the gas station!

lindylinda said...

Thanks for adding some sunshine to my day! I love the little things you write, they help me more than you know.