Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pucker Up

Yesterday, I picked up my girly from school and she proclaimed, "Today I kissed-did lots of kids on the playground." I asked her how many, but I think she wasn't counting. She then says, "I tried to kiss T..."
I asked, "Did he run too fast?"
She was sick all week, and yesterday was her first day back. It was probably good they ran...Hahaha. But really, who could resist this face??

I think she had fun playing kiss chase.


T * R * B said...

Torin told me that she tried to kiss him (along with others) but he smiled and said I ran fast so they could not kiss me. Then he looks at me and says I really don't like to kiss anyone just you sometimes. :)

Lisa said...

I'd kiss her but that probably wouldn't be as fun.

Persimmon said...

me loads up the rifle

Bre said...

ha its cute, i love the kissy face picture too!
Persimmon ..great comment haha