Thursday, April 8, 2010

Run Free

Lately I've been in a little bit of a tired and gloomy mood, even though I have no great excuses for feeling that way. Actually I can understand my tiredness, but the gloomer has got to go. I got home from picking up kids yesterday and looked at the yard with all it's new green springing up, and I wanted to run free with the spring. Spring whispered in my ear, "Just run around the trees a time or two." My kids had all gone inside, and so I threw my cares to the wind and ran around my front yard. By the time I lapped the second tree I had to laugh at myself.
Today I'm wondering, if joy is really so far away from us when we feel trapped by the gloomer. The simple things keep the gloomer at bay. The easy little things that children have an innate sense of. When my little children feel down or sad, often I try to do something silly to help cheer them up. We tickle, tell funny stories, or play. Maybe I need to unleash my silliness more often.

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heather said...

Winter wears on me -big time. When spring finally starts showing up it feels like I'm crawling out of a cave that I hadn't fully been aware that I was in.