Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I cleaned out the gutters around my house.   It's supposed to rain all week.  The light outside in stormy weather is something to behold.  Tonight it cast an orange-ish glow over my part of the world.  It was beautiful.  The colors in my yard were vivid and bright, almost like when you wear those amber tinted sunglasses.
While I was making dinner my girly was drawing at the table, waiting for me to come draw butterflies with her.   She was getting things ready and said, "Here, I'll move your chair closer to mine, because we love each other." 
Everyone was in a good mood today . . . maybe it's the rain . . . maybe because we're just so close to summer.
I'm glad for the rain and the thunder.  My plants were thirsty and my soul needs the rumble.

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Persimmon said...

I like this. It sounds like you.