Sunday, June 20, 2010


Have you ever tried to live in such a way that you believed that everything that happened to you was some how fate?  As if, every bad thing that happened to you was somehow protecting you from something worse, or leading you to something better.  I think I used to be pretty good at this.  I can remember when my oldest was very young and I had mixed up a fresh pitcher of juice only to spill the entire container on the kitchen floor minutes later.  Frustrating...yes, but not impeding of all happiness.  As I toweled it up, and then mopped the floor to get all the sticky up, I remember thinking, maybe God was saving us, especially my little toddler, from unseen bacteria or other germs on the floor.  Maybe every time you hit every red light as your driving somewhere God is really saving you from that crazy driver who would have hit your car.  Maybe every time you loose you keys (even when you always put them in the same place), or your toddler poops his pants right before it's time to go, God is saving you.  Maybe every time you can't go because one of your kids is sick or you can't find a sitter, God is trying to teach you something.  Maybe every time you try to do something nice for someone you love or who is in need and it ends up a mess, God is taking care of it.  Maybe every time you get sick or hurt, God is really helping you.  I really believe that God is saving us, teaching us and taking care of us and everyone else, even when everything in life seems frustrating or irritating or never to work out.  I don't always understand, but I'm grateful for it. 

This week I've been trying to keep that perspective.  I find that instead of feeling angry...I can feel grateful, and instead of feeling frustration...I can feel peace.


T * R * B said...

You just summed up how I live my life. It helps me to keep sane if I just accept the fact that It is all in Gods hands and I will deal as with whatever comes my way. Sure I still get mad sometimes but this is a good way to think.

Rachel said...

Thank you for this...God really does have a hand in our lives and I never understand the reason for some things that happen, but I do know that he loves us. Thank you for reminding me of this and sharing this perspective!

jenn said...

All things have a reason the smallest of things.